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Here at Tennessee Spring, we pride ourselves on delivering 100% organic and free-range springs from farm to factory.  With no added growth hormones or antibiotics, you will feel the difference when you hold a Tennessee Spring.

Before a Tennessee Spring is hatched, it must be incubated for a period of three weeks.  The mother spring will sit on top of her eggs to keep them warm and safe while the baby springs develop.

When a spring hatches, it will exhibit either a right-hand coil (female) or a left-hand coil (male).

Our springs’ all-natural diet consists of home-grown vegetarian items.

Tennessee Springs are free to roam the plant and the surrounding areas as they grow and develop into happy and fulfilled commodity items.

When a Tennessee Spring has grown to the specification of one of our customers, it is cooked, painted, and lovingly packaged to be shipped.

Our springs are happy and healthy from pasture to pallet.   You will notice the difference a happier spring will make.

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